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Blooms Today Reviews

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  • Funeral flowers

    This company is NOT reptable!!!!! Do not do business with them !!!! Ordered flowers for a funeral and over 24 hours later told me an a email they could not deliver in time !!!! There prices are beyond outrageous !!!!! These businesses need to find someone else to do business with !!!! Offer a 20% discount for the inconvenience? Not good enough !!!!! Totally irresponsible!!!!!! More...
    (Delivery Services)
    Mamalit's Picture   Mamalit    0 Comments   Comments
  • Blooms Today- No delivery

    I ordered flowers from them 2 days before a funeral. I was informed an 1-1/2 hours after the funeral via email that they would not be able to deliver the flowers to that zip code. Not acceptable!!!!! I would have contacted someone else to make sure that they could deliver them to the service. I will NEVER order from them again!!! They should have not taken the order if you could not supply the product!! I will tell all my friends and you that don"t already know about their unacceptable service. Their email said I will be credited in 5 to 7 days? Come on it's 2015. I think you... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    noncostomer's Picture   noncostomer    1 Comments   Comments
  • Blooms Today Undelivered Order

    I ordered Balloons and a Teddy Bear to be delivered to my nephews girlfriend who just had their 1st baby. I paid extra for same day delivery and was also charged for Sunday delivery and my order was never received. The customer service rep told me she would cancel my order and asked if I would like to re-order for home delivery and my answer, a BIG FAT NO!! Why would anyone re-order with a company who screwed up the 1st time?! I will be taking my business elsewhere! More...
    itsred's Picture   itsred    0 Comments   Comments
  • Undelivered order

    I ordered flowers on the Friday before Memorial Day to be delivered on Saturday. On Saturday afternoon I checked to see if the flowers had been received.. The had not. I called Blooms Today customer service and the voice mail said the department was closed for the day. I selected the option to order flowers and they answered. They were able to check the order and told me it would be delivered by 5:00 pm. I checked shortly after 5:00 pm and the order still had not been received. I called customer service again and at this point they were unable to check the status of my order because that... More...
    GilbertL's Picture   GilbertL    0 Comments   Comments

    I ordered a bouquet of flowers to be delivered as a surprise for a beloved's 50th birthday and it was not delivered. At first, they claimed the address was wrong, even though it wasn't and yet, no one had the decorum to call me back to inform me despite the fact that I was billed for the service and told it was delivered.If I didn't ask the celebrant, my money would not have been refunded until I demanded for it. I gave them another chance by reordering another bouquet to the same person for valentine's day, making sure that the address was fully correct. They took my... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    ndeodeo's Picture   ndeodeo    1 Comments   Comments
  • BEWARE!!!!

    Horribly disappointing. The order for My Granddaughters birthday was place at 0500 this morning for same day delivery. At 1630 that same evening I was notified that there was no one available to make a same day delivery at their location ( ELEVEN HOURS LATER LEAVING ME WITHOUT THE ABILITY TO FIND SOMEONE WHO COULD). If you can not meet the service that was paid for you need to let the Customer know as soon as possible. My card was charged in minutes but I have been on hold for hours to get a refund. More...
    NewMoe's Picture   NewMoe    0 Comments   Comments
  • Blooms Today aka Floral Disaster

    Blooms Today failed to deliver an arrangement for a funeral visitation. They state in their ads that accompany obituary notices that they guarantee same day service. Their customer service informed me that they would "for sure" get a floral arrrangement to the funeral. The customer service agent offered a 50% discount because of the mistake. They failed to keep their promise and cancelled the order altogther 1/2 hour before the service. I would never recommend them and will warn my friends not to order from Blooms Today. More...
    Lbrewster's Picture   Lbrewster    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible

    I ordered flowers for a funeral service an was informed an hour before the service that they could not be delivered. Even notice a day earlier would have allowed me to find a replacement. I had ordered an arrangement for a price >$100 and had been informed the day before that the exact arrangement was not available and I said they could substitute a similar arrangement. Customer service was apologetic but I cannot ever recommend or use this company. More...
    Ahastings2's Picture   Ahastings2    0 Comments   Comments

    I ordered two flowers to be delivered on Mother's Day/ One to each daughter in law; no vase. The flowers were $9.99, but I was charged $32.96 for each flower delivery including the $9.99 flowers. They were small and certainly not worth $32.96. I should have read these reviews before ordering. I would like the city they are in to write the Better Business Bureau. Can you help me get the city and state? i never saw the price of delivery on my order. The delivery was over $20. More...
    margelah34's Picture   margelah34    0 Comments   Comments
  • Blooms today--total scam!

    My fiancé ordered flowers for me for my first Mother's Day since my son was born on Friday and also payed for next day delivery. Not only did they charge him hidden fees (a 9.99 membership fee?) but he did not receive his order the next day, or at all for that matter. They flowers were only 39.95 and after their fees it came to 77.50. We called customer service but they were closed. I am very angry he got upset he thinks he ruined Mother's Day. They charged our debit card and from other reviews we can only assume we not be receiving our order at all. Tomorrow we plan on... More...
    Ashley95's Picture   Ashley95    0 Comments   Comments
  • Blooms Today is HORRIFIC

    So very, very disappointed - and angry - with this company. I placed an order on Monday, May 6th (not yesterday, or today - but almost a WEEK ago) for a Mother's Day delivery in Hawaii. Blooms took my order, took my money and CONFIRMED it. Then today - Mother's Day, a SUNDAY, I get an email cancellation, and a voice mail that says "sorry, our florists in that area can't accommodate anymore deliveries on Mother's Day. We'll cancel your order and refund your money - within 5-7 business days. You can place a new order if you want it delivered MONDAY."... More...
    LHNichols's Picture   LHNichols    0 Comments   Comments
  • Blooms Today Sucks!!!

    Please, do not ever use this service! They are awful. Not only did my boss go out of his way to get me flowers for Admin Professionals Day today, he paid extra to make sure that they were delivered early. It is 5:40 and they are still not here. I called the service and ALL they offered was a refund OR a discount on next day delivery. Are you kidding?!? AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL. People in my profession don't get recognized much as it is so THANKS BLOOMS TODAY for ruining the ONE darn day a year that we do! More...
    (Delivery Services)
    Tomica79's Picture   Tomica79    1 Comments   Comments
  • Flowers

    I ordered flowers for my mothers birthday and paid 15.99$ additional for the scheduled day service since her birthday is on a Sunday which is today 04.21.13 and she has yet to receive anything :( I called the customer service twice an they said it should be there by 5:00 pm it is now 7:00pm an still nothing I'm calling in the morning but I'm not happy with this at all. More...
    (Delivery Services)
    Aireal's Picture   Aireal    0 Comments   Comments
  • Blooms Today does not back up their promises

    Wish I had read all the other horrible reviews before I placed an order with Blooms Today. The first order was cancelled three days later when it was too late for the order to arrive in time for my friend's birthday. When I called customer sevice they said the arrangement I requested could not be filled but they would send a similar arrangement at a discounted price. It took a few hours to get an email saying that order was cancelled also. Sorry folks, "sorry" just doesn't do it after two failed orders. Maybe Blooms Today should send us all a free bouquet to make up... More...
    camarillo13's Picture   camarillo13    0 Comments   Comments
  • Fumblimg bumbling and crumbling

    All the unhappy reviews reflect our recent experience with Blooms Today. This isn't even "Blooms Next Week"... Perhaps there is a scam element to their business practices---refunding an order within the next 2 business days ( which is what they promised me) requires bank follow-up, and maybe even legal investigation. We ordered ( adding an extra charge for "next day delivery" ) and as you can read elsewhere on this site, it was not delivered. I canceled the order because we certainly do NOT want crappy flowers or half eaten chocolates to arrive! The " loving... More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
    AynRand's Picture   AynRand    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bloomstoday - terrible flowers

    The flowers that were delivered to my wife on Valentines day was totally embarrassing. I paid over $100 and couldn't believe what I seen. Droppy roses - already dead - lightly filled filler flowers. It was a total scam. Second rate flowers at a premium price. I work for Ford and will do everything in my power to see that everyone knows not to use this service. The site is always impossible to get through to file a complaint. More...
    rbenoit8's Picture   rbenoit8    0 Comments   Comments
  • Screwed up every aspect of the entire thing

    HORRIBLE! My husband tried to have 18 long stemmed roses and a "large" bear sent to my office between 9 and 11. I'm a hospice nurse and have to travel to see patients, and I was leaving that day at 11AM. He paid a total of $120. There were so many mess ups it will be easier to list them all. 1. The delivery was late,not there before 11. They said it would be there before 3pm,and offered to refund the extra $10 that my husband had paid. I could not stay past 11am,so this put me coming back to the office to pick them up,so surprise ruined completely. And that was just the... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    nurseval0413's Picture   nurseval0413    0 Comments   Comments
  • Blooms Today...Vanentine Flowers Dead on Arrival

    Valentine flowers for wife ordered and received on time 2/12/13. Lavender bouquet of 24 roses for 125.00. Roses had brown spots all over and wilted; white filler flowers were brown; looked crappy and were DOA. Called customer service on 2/14....closed. Just about the most woeful bouquet of roses I've seen...not even lavender in color, probably light and dark pinks mixed together. Left negative comments on FB site Blooms Today 3x and was removed. Avoid this business, if that's what you call it like the black the flowers. More...
    philipdz's Picture   philipdz    0 Comments   Comments
  • Sneaky Marketing

    I went online to purchase a sympathy arrangement so naturally I googled and I got a 50% off URL I went through the entire order process and then I got to a page that said I could continue with the list price wish was well above the price that was advertised to me or I could become a member it was just a button to click I was not made aware of any extra "fee" so I thought sure I'll sign up to become a memeber mind you my order total was vastly different from the amount that was charged to my credit card due to the membership fee. I called and they said it would take a week to... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    KRule30's Picture   KRule30    1 Comments   Comments
  • Bloomstoday

    I placed an order at 8 am today and it pass 6pm and still no delivery. Called 5 times they said they dont know what happened. The local florist phone number was given to me but no answer after calling 5 times and was ringing for 5 min. I notified Bloomstoday and they cannot give me an explanation. they took money and charged me more than was was showed in the amount when i purchased it. Bill was 32.48 and credit card was billed 52.48$ Btw it was for my boy friends Mom's Birth day and she waited all day for the delivery that never happened. I am so pissed i will report them to every... More...
    villak's Picture   villak    0 Comments   Comments
  • Unapproved charges for a reward club

    This company does not belong in business. It's only in the business to rip you off. 100's of complaints to the BBB. I wish i checked this out first before ordering .I ordered but ended up cancelling on the same day because I had a bad feeling about this place. Now I have to deal with cancelling my debit card to stop a monthly club fee I don't want and asked not to have. I will dedicate my time to post anywhere I possibly can about how shady this place is. Everyone needs to go to every site that a review is an option that has had a bad experience with this place. The beauty of... More...
    ChristineNic's Picture   ChristineNic    0 Comments   Comments
  • Overcharged my account, it's all a scam

    I was pleased with the price for a bouquet of flowers I wanted to purchase, so I went ahead and ordered from Blooms Today, I did NOT receive any special "pop-up" or whatever they were trying to convince me of- notifying me that I was enrolling in Blooms Rewards program. My final bill was $25.95- so I thought. After my bank account posted- they charged me $45.95 total for the $10 rewards program and another $10 for shipping which I originally thought was part of the final bill. I was so upset that I called their customer service only to get the run-around to over 13 different... More...
    Marci1234's Picture   Marci1234    0 Comments   Comments
  • Blooms Today doesn't deliver--DO NOT ORDER FROM BLOOMS TODAY!!!

    I ordered a special plant to be delivered today (6/21/12) for someone on their last day of work. Because of their position (therapeutic counselor to my son) I'm not able to get forwarding information for this person... Blooms Today sent me an email at 11:00 this morning letting me know they can't deliver but would like to tomorrow. Well, I wasn't at my computer, so didn't get the email till an hour later... And, when I called to find out why they couldn't deliver (florist didn't have specific plant I ordered), their computer was down so they couldn't help... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    reallybummed's Picture   reallybummed    1 Comments   Comments

    I ordered flowers to be delivered to my mom's work on Friday. On the website there was a box you could check if you wanted them delivered before 1pm. I checked the box because my mom only works til 4pm. When the flowers didn't arrive before she left work i called to complain and they told me there is no such box on the website. Now i know i wasn't imaging things but the customer service rep swears she didn't know what i was talking about. i contacted the flower shop that was actually making the flower arrangement and they were way more helpful than blooms today. They... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    XTINA's Picture   XTINA    0 Comments   Comments

    Ordered flowers for my daughters Mother's Day to be delivered on Saturday for guaranteed delivery. Did not take advantage of 50% club because I don't order flowers that often, so I paid full price, plus $16.99 Standard Service Fee, $3.35 FST Fee, whatever that is, so I expected full service. Mother's Day is OVER, there were NO FLOWERS DELIVERED, and I was UNABLE TO GET ANY CUSTOMER SERVICE, only a recording. Don't expect to not give me the 100% Money Back Guarantee you claim in the Yellow Pages. Judging from the reviews I'm reading, this seems to happen more... More...
  • Flowers didn't show up for Mother's Day

    The flowers I ordered for my Mom for Mother's Day didn't show up. No phone call to my Mom or to me. I am soooo Furious. I ordered a balloon bouquet for my Dad's 86th birthday through another company, and he didn't recieve his birthday bouquet. What is up with these companies? I never ever thought to go online to see the reputation of the company I chose to go with. I appreciate finding this website. It is heartbreaking to find out we can no longer trust in Florists to get our orders out. More...
    Shosho54's Picture   Shosho54    1 Comments   Comments
  • Blooms Today is a HORRIBLE business!!!!

    I ordered flowers for my boyfriend's mother to be delivered the saturday before mother's day. I received an email confirmation and everything. Then, AT 2 PM ON THE DAY THE FLOWERS WERE TO BE DELIVERED, I received an email saying they will no longer be able to deliver the flowers and my order has been cancelled. It is now the day before mother's day and it is literally impossible for me to get flowers delivered until AFTER mother's day. Not that I could anyway, because Blooms Today won't be crediting my account back for another 5-7 business days!!!!! So i'm... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    ESmarte's Picture   ESmarte    0 Comments   Comments

    Didn't deliver the Friday prior to Mother's Day. Called at 5pm. They gave me local florist phone. Called local florist. They said that they do not accept orders from Blooms Today. Called back to Blooms Today. Customer Service is closed !! Who in their right mind closes customer service on perhaps the biggest weekend for a florist ?? Called Saturday morning. Customer Service closed until Monday. THESE FOLKS HAVE EXACTLY A ZERO INTEREST IN CUSTOMER SERVICE. THEY ARE NOT DEPENDABLE. DO NOT USE. More...
    (Delivery Services)
    TEXAC's Picture   TEXAC    0 Comments   Comments
  • Never Delivered............

    BE WARNED!!! One star only because they did not hang up on me when I called to complain, and were apologetic. They were supposed to deliver a birthday order today, 5/2/12 to a location in North Carolina (I live in Miami), and sent me an email at 4:01 pm saying that they could not complete my order so were cancelling and issuing me a refund. I called them immediately to let them know how upset and frustrated I was because at 4:01 pm, it would be impossible for me to find another florist to accomodate me. I told them that I would NEVER order from them again, and that I would be giving... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    valeriey33126's Picture   valeriey33126    0 Comments   Comments
  • Blooms Rewards Is A Scam!!

    Dont Become a member!!! i did it cause it saved me 15 dollars on the flowers i was purchasing for a funeral and in the fine print it said you can cancel in a month cause they make you wait a month. so i called to cancel and they charged me 25 and another month membership so i had to call back and after 2 weeks they gave me my 9.99 (month membership fee) back but you dont get your refund of the money i saved on the flowers!! what a rip off!! BE WARNED! i will never order with them again More...
    (Delivery Services)
  • Website problems.....

    On May 1, 2012, I tried repeatedly to send flowers over the internet to my mother in San Antonio, TX. When I tried to place the order online, I could not get off the delivery page. I called customer service and we went over the problem I was having placing the order online and the representative said she would assist mme with my order. When everything was completed, I asked how much it was and it was over $55.00. I asked her why it was almost $60 when the website depicted a price of $19.99 for the flowers. She told me that if I wanted that price, I would have to order them online!... More...
    (Delivery Services)
  • Anniversary Order Never Delivered - #FAIL

    I rarely send any feedback, but my experience with Blooms Today was such a disappointing experience, I felt it was warranted. My order, which was set to be delivered for our second anniversary, was never delivered. After work, I had to go purchase flowers to calm down a very upset girlfriend who was up in arms because I had "not sent anything". I spoke with their "customer service" on Friday, and they told me they would "look into the issue and call me back." I was never called back Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday or Today. I tried calling customer service... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    ESKCSG's Picture   ESKCSG    0 Comments   Comments

    So, I emailed earlier in the day about an order I had placed on Saturday that had never been fulfilled. Out of curiosity more than anything, at 11AM today I ordered flowers AGAIN from you. My own fault, I knew in the back of my mind I shouldn't have done it. Order numbers 97012585 & 97017442 What didn't get delivered today? The flowers I ordered of course. What the hell are you guys running here? Is this a scam?? You can believe that I will be reporting this to EVERY place I can leave a review. Not only is this the WORST service I have ever received,... More...
    (Holiday shopping reviews)
    amarineswife's Picture   amarineswife    0 Comments   Comments
  • Flowers never delivered, Horrible Experience

    I wouldn't even give them ONE star. They are a total SCAM!!! I ordered a flower bouquet for my sister on the 8th to be delivered on the 10th. That order wasn't delivered and I had to call my sister to see (Blooms Today never called me) and she said nothing was delivered. So I had to call them to see what was going on. They said that they wouldn't be able to deliver until the 15th (her birthday was on the 9th, so a little frustrating) but I still kept the order. Then on the 15th I called her to see if she got it, and she never did. So I had to call the company back and ask... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    Andone's Picture   Andone    1 Comments   Comments

    Blooms today took advantage of my family and I during our time of need. They deceived us by attaching their ad to my Grandfathers online obituary, claiming $30 off flowers. They secretly added you, without permission to their rewards program that charges $9.99 a month for being a member. When you call and tell them you never signed up and want to be removed they claim that you will need to pay back your $30 discount. They are deceitful and rude!!! They are abusing my credit card information! More...
    (Delivery Services)
    JGreenwood's Picture   JGreenwood    0 Comments   Comments
  • Company/Customer Service Sucks!

    Do not purchase any flowers from Blooms Today! I placed two orders through them for Valentines day. One was online and the other I called in and spoke with a represenative and place the order. One was suppose to go to my mother for her bday/valentine day and the other to my friend. Needless to say! No flowers were delivered! And they got the order wrong! I didnt place two orders to go to the same person. Per their system!I requested a refund! It better come with the 5-7 business days they mentioned. It the thought that's ruin! More...
    (Holiday shopping reviews)
    dholmes's Picture   dholmes    0 Comments   Comments
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