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Blooms Today Reviews

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  • Complaint

    I ordered an this morning at 930 am to goto to goto a school Received a call at 3pm form Blooms Today that a florist could not be found on a Friday afternon after the school closed !!!DISPICBLE !! On top of it the children who were in speial education saved their money to buy the flowers for their nurse. When I caled back they said I would be called when someone would call me back or they were hanging on me they wouldnt let me stay on hold I wasn't a priority!!! More...
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  • Charges Different AFTER I submitted payment!!!

    I am sooo angry right now with what I feel was trickery and deceptive billing. As you can see below the cost my order was ORIGINALLY $65.60...BUT, AFTER I keyed the submit button and the confirmation page was sent, the total amount of my order was $75.68! I ordered this flower for my brother's funeral and tho I used my entertainment's membership discount, the FINAL bill was MORE! I WILL be contacting the BBB as well as my credit card company!!! Blooms Today Logo All Calls Answered in the USA, Family Owned and Operated Call 800-359-5309 Secure Checkout Review & Billing... More...
  • Blooms order

    I placed my valentine’s order with Blooms Today on Feb 9th with a delivery date of Feb 14th and aside from automatically being signed up for their rewards program, which costs $9.99 and cannot be canceled until 22 days later, I received my confirmation number and my account was charged within minutes with no indication or messages of any problems with receiving the product and services that I had paid for. On Feb 14th at 8:03 my wife sends me a text saying "Ok, I thought that you would send me flowers... Disappointed" needless to say the flowers never showed up and the... More...
    (Delivery Services)
  • No delivery as promised

    Ordered flowers for Valentines Day, was promised delivery by 5pm 2-14-12 and never got them. Paid by credit card and tried to call and all we got was a recorded message saying they were no longer taking orders for Valentines Day and all orders were being processed to call back 2-15-12 after 8am EST if any problems or questions. Regardless if we could call the next day, we were promised goods to be delivered 2-14-12 by 5pm and they never showed up!!! More...
    (Delivery Services)
  • undelivered order

    my husband ordered my flowers from on the thirteenth of february to be delivered on valentines day. we have waited all day and I've yet to recieve my delivery. This company has ruined not only my day but my Valentine. I will be expecting a full refund and I have already contacted the Better Business Bureau. Mark Altman is the orderer delivery address is 194 lombardy village rd shannon, nc 28386 phone number 910-359-0234 More...
    (Delivery Services)
  • charges by companies under their company umbrella

    ordered flowers from blooms today. was told that i would get an immediate discount if i signed up for for there 21 day free easy to cancel trial period. i called and cancelled this on the 21st day. they refused to do it on the 19th day. i found out three months later that i was being charged $14.99 for services from a company called when they were contacted them at 800-297-1548 i was told that this was authorized through blooms today. i only agreed to 21 day rewards trial program, which i cancelled on the 21st day. when i contacted blooms today about this, i was refused... More...
  • rebate advertised but never applied

    I ordered a flower arrangement on 7/26/11 to be delivered to a hospital in St. Louis, right up front you scam customers with a "rebate" of $40.00 and when I checked out the total amt due was $38.73. To my surprise the debit then next day was for the entire $78.73. I immediately called and was told that was how it was done and I would be credited back he $40.00 credit promised me within 3 days. Well now I have to follow up and request my refund a second time. This practice seems a bit like "bait and switch" and I will not hesitate to contact the Better Business Bureau to... More...
    (Delivery Services)
  • Lemonade in a Pitcher

    I placed an order Saturday afternoon for flowers for my Mother's birthday - she was going to be out at the lake w/ family and I thought it would be nice to send them to her there - I placed the order online - got one heck of a deal - I THOUGHT - turns out around 4ish Sun - I text my Aunt and she said nothing has arrived - so I CALL - and OOPS, then they tell me they cannot deliver on Sunday - I should have been told this within hrs. of placing my order - NOT 24 hrs. later - SO - I talk w/ a sup. that is going to handle this for me and resubmit the order for Mon. and give me another 30%... More...
    (Delivery Services)
  • Mothers day flowers

    I ordered flowers on Friday and opted for Saturday or Sunday delivery. Saturday nothin, Sunday nothin. So I started making calls around 6 pm with no resolution. At 10 pm I got a call from a delivery guy asking if he could still deliver, I said yes. At 10:30 they finally showed up. Not the arrangment I ordered and all the flowers are wilted and there are only a couple flowers, it's all just filler foliage. Going to call them now as I paid $80 for a walmart $5 arrangment. More...
    (Delivery Services)
  • Customer Service

    I am supposed to be recieving flowers delivered to me tommarro, they claim to have 24 hour live customer service just like every other floral company, i cant reach anyone on hold for hours, no email response after 6 attempts in 2 days, there is no way to view my order online or confirm anything not to memtion the way they rip you off when paying! I would like to know if my mother will be recieving a gift or not on mothers day but have no way to even see my order or speak to anyone! This is unbelievable! More...
    (Delivery Services)
  • flower arrangment

    This has been a fiasco from the beginning!! I have been ripped off by Blooms today and have filed a dispute with my credit card company. I ordered flowers online as they were offering a special. Evidently the fine print said I had to join a club. The flowers were NOT delivered on the day specified. I told them the next day would be OK, but I was very disappointed. I kept checking to see if the flowers had been delivered, but they couldn't even get hold of the driver!! They asked what I wanted to do about it and I said cancel the whole thing as it was moot to even have the flowers... More...
    (Delivery Services)
  • repeated charges on my credit card

    When I ordered a flower bouquet with a discount from your website, I had no idea that I was signing up for a repeat charge of $9.99 per month. When I called and complained, I was told that they could return the charges to my account, but would have to add back the discount that I received when I ordered the flowers. I opted to just cancel the so-called "bloomsreward" membership and I understand I won't be charged the 9.99 again. Still unacceptable to me. I had no idea I was signing up for a repeat charge when I ordered the flowers. This is deceptive business practice as far... More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
  • Tell it like it truly is

    I haven't' seen any reviews on here since 2009, so I thought I would give a bit of updated information. Blooms Today has done a bit of recovery in their customer service and Blooms Rewards program. There are alot of people whinning out there about this "bait & switch" idea that Blooms Today is promoting. Well, first off if you have an intelligent enough mind to read the printed info on the website you would know EXACTLY what you are signing up for. On another foot, I will say that there are some customer service agents that will wrap your mind around the Blooms... More...
  • Rip-Off/Scam/Dishonest

    All ads say 50% off if you order "today"..but there one line in fine print on the last page which states that the maxiumum "discount" is $50. My order was $150 and I got only the $50 not the $75 as advertised ALL over the Internet !! The bouquet was advertised as being 26" x 36" ... it most certainly was not...It was 22" x 26" with but a dozen flowers and not done well. I also was charged $8.55 sales tax when I live in a tax-exempt state clearly indicated by my zip-code. I order online all the time and have NEVER EVER been charged... More...
  • Bad call of judgment

    I ordered flowers from and spent the extra money for guaranteed before 1:00 delivery next day. Today I get a call at 12:00 and a message to call back because a truck broke down and would not be able to deliver my flowers. I called back at 12:20 and was informed my order was cancelled. I was informed that they could deliver later today if that was okay with me. I told them that was fine. My flowers were still not delivered because of this reason. They wanted to charge my card again but the refund from the cancellation would not be posted back on my card for 5 to 7 business... More...
    (Delivery Services)


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